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Adoption Is An Alternative to Abortion


Adoption Is an Alternative to Abortion In the adoption world those of us who are both pro adoption and pro life (and yes - there are those who are only one or the other) often get told to stop advocating adoption as an alternative to abortion. The argument goes that adoption is only an alternative to parenting, not abortion. Abortion is an entirely separate issue and is an alternative to being pregnant, not an alternative to parenting. It is an argument worth exploring. Let me be clear, I disagr ... [read more]

Is Adoption Right for Your Family?


Is Adoption Right for Your Family? Adopting a child is a big responsibility, but the rewards of welcoming a child into your home can be huge. There is something to be said about giving a child a forever home and expanding your family with even more love and life. While you may have considered adoption as a loving and exciting way to grow your family, you may not have thought about whether it truly is right for your family.It’s A Family DecisionAdopting a child is a lifelong commitment. It ... [read more]

Social Pressures and Influences Surrounding Adoption Part 2


SOCIAL PRESSURES AND INFLUENCES SURROUNDING ADOPTION PART II – OPEN ADOPTION What is open adoption?  The answer to that is “whatever you want it to be”.  Birth mothers never before have had the options they have today.  When people refer to “open” adoption, they often mean something very different than the person to whom they are speaking.  Why is that?  Because there are many levels of open adoption.  Rarely is an adoption today a closed adop ... [read more]

Open Adoption from a Birthmom's Point of View


Open Adoption from a Birthmom's Point of ViewFrom Elizabeth: Last year it was my privilege to work with this amazing woman on an adoption plan for her baby. During a chat after the adoption was finalized, I asked her what she would say to someone now who was considering adoption for her child. She wrote this thoughtful response that I think everyone should read - I haven't edited it or changed anything. Note I'm not naming her to protect her privacy, and she gave me permission to post this.  ... [read more]

Social Pressures and Influences Surrounding Adoption Part 1


SOCIAL PRESSURES AND INFLUENCES SURROUNDING ADOPTION – PART I In a tweet from Buckingham Palace, the world recently learned of the most recent royal birth.   “Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. The baby weighs 8lbs 7oz.  The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.” While the world celebrates the birth of an heir to the throne of England, unplanned births ... [read more]

First Baby or Sibling


First Baby or Sibling?With the open adoptions of today, birth parents have many choices. When asked about preferences, there is much to consider. What  type of family do I want for my child? Should I choose someone who mirrors my likes and interests? Should I consider religion – is that even extremely important to me? Would I prefer my child to live rurally or in a cultural center? Do I want my child to have siblings or should I seek out a family with no ... [read more]



InterconnectedBy Elizabeth EhlenWe have been experiencing internet issues, and this morning the tech came out to inspect our wires. Turns out there was a frayed wire, which is terrifying, but I digress. The tech, making conversation, asked me what I did for a living, and I told him we do adoptions here. People adoptions, not puppy, which is always an important clarifier. He thought about it and said, “Wow, that sounds like a really important job! Geez, way more important than internet te ... [read more]

Olympic Nature


Olympic NatureThe debate about nature vs. nurture is ever-present in adoption.  People have long surmised that heredity plays a bigger part in the development of a child than rearing and nourishment.  Two sisters from Minnesota might dispute that fact.  Greg and Robin Brandt, like many couples who experience infertility, began planning to adopt.  They chose to adopt from South Korea.  But while in the process of adopting Marissa, they got the news that Robin was ... [read more]

Dear Expectant Mother - Why Should You Use an Agency?


Dear Expectant Mother, Why Should You Use an Agency? Just as many people have misconceptions about expectant mothers, expectant or birth mothers have some misconceptions about agencies. We often hear that an expectant mother prefers not to go through an agency to place her child. While all expectant mothers have choices, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of those choices.  Some expectant parents don’t know that ALL adoptive families working with licensed ad ... [read more]

How Adoption Has Changed: All Those Waiting Babies


How Adoption Has ChangedThere are many myths about adoption.  A rumor starts and spreads over the internet or in a chat room, and everyone thinks it’s the truth because it’s in print. Most people, unless they have adopted very recently, aren’t aware of the way adoption has changed in the past decade or even the past few years.  All those waiting babies“What children do you have right now?”  “Can I come over and look at the babies?”  "We aren't rea ... [read more]