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When you consider adoption for your child, what is your biggest fear? Perhaps you’re afraid of what those around you will say. You could be afraid of your child’s reaction because you placed them for adoption. Or, maybe your biggest fear is choosing the right family. How will you know which couple will be the best parents for your child? All of your questions and worries are natural reactions to unknown territory. 

We want you to know placing your child for adoption is a very valid parenting choice. The entire process requires a great deal of trust between you and the agency you choose. With A Gift of Hope Adoptions, we promise your personal story will remain confidential. 

Whether you are thinking about adoption for your unborn child or one currently in your home, who to place them with is a big decision. However, we’re confident you can find the perfect adoptive family for your child. We want you to connect with them and have that “gut feeling” that the family you choose is absolutely the best one. Here’s how:

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Types of Adoption Plans

There are three main types of adoption plans. With each plan, you determine what type of relationship you wish to have with the adoptive family and your child moving forward. There isn’t one plan that is better than the others. It is what’s right for you. Remember, you are in control of the process. 

  1. Open Adoption - 

To have a successful open adoption, you want confidence the adoptive family you choose respects the adoption process and you as a birth mother. An open adoption plan means you and the adoptive family share all of your identifying information. Names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers are exchanged to stay in touch with your child and their family regularly.

    2. ) Closed Adoption - 

If you feel no contact with the adoptive family or your child is best for you to move on with your life, you choose a closed adoption. It is perfectly acceptable to decide you do not want to pick the family or know who they are. You will still give your preferences, but complete trust in your agency is essential to allow them to choose for you.

     3.) Semi-Open Adoption -

This type of adoption is a mix of the other two. You will choose the family but will not exchange identifying information other than first names. All correspondence will go through a third party, such as the adoption agency you work with. You still have an option for contact, but it will be more controlled and private.

This is a difficult time and a hard decision to make. Our Adoption Counselors at A Gift Of Hope Adoptions are here to listen, offer information, and help you decide if adoption is right for you. Let us answer those tough questions. No matter what situation you are in, contact us to begin exploring your adoption option.

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