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Is Adoption Right for Your Family? 

Adopting a child is a big responsibility, but the rewards of welcoming a child into your home can be huge. There is something to be said about giving a child a forever home and expanding your family with even more love and life. While you may have considered adoption as a loving and exciting way to grow your family, you may not have thought about whether it truly is right for your family.

It’s A Family Decision

Adopting a child is a lifelong commitment. It is not a decision that you should enter into lightly as it definitely needs some thought. While there will be plenty of wonderful times together, there will also be difficult challenges ahead.

When you start to decide if you should enter into an adoption, you need to discuss the matter with your entire family. They need to know what this commitment means and how their family relationships will change and expand.

Discuss the possible adoption as a family and make sure everyone is on board with the decision. This is certainly not something that you should spring on your family after you have already decided to do it. You want their feedback and input into the choice. You should decide together if adoption is right for your family as only then will you be successful in adding a child to your home.

There Is A Financial Burden

While you may know that adoption is the ideal way to grow your family and open your doors to a child, it does come with some unexpected expenses that you may be ignoring. Adoption can be expensive no matter if you decide to go through a domestic or international adoption process. These adoptions can cost upwards of $50,000 with many other expenses not included.

You need to think about your financial situation of affording an adoption and if you have the financial means to care for a child throughout their life in your home. There are agency and legal fees to weigh as well as birth parent expenses that you may be required to cover.

Some adoptions are out of state or out of the country, requiring you to travel often to meet and bond with your child. These travel expenses can add up, especially if it requires you to travel around the world to facilitate an adoption of a child.

Having a mother birth your adoptive child may also require you to pay for prenatal care, birthing expenses, and hospital stays. You may have to pay for medical treatment for a child or counseling for the birth parents to go through the adoption process.

Depending on the type of adoption, you may have to submit to a home study, medical tests, and other requirements that all have fees associated with them. This is a strong consideration that potential adoptive parents need to think about before they decide if a child adoption is right for their family.

Passing A Background Check

While you certainly may want to adopt a child and have the financial means to do so, your background also needs to be clean. There is a range of background checks that go into an adoption that some parents are unable to pass.

Your state may look into your prior adoptions and how the children in your family are currently cared for. It may look into your criminal and arrest history and determine that you are not fit to care for a child because of your past. If your past crimes involved children, this may be a huge stalling block to adopting a child. The state may determine that it could be a risky situation to place a child in your care because of your past history with others the same age.

Any civil actions against you may also factor into whether you are able to adopt a child. The state may also look into your health and mental stability, requiring you to pass a medical exam prior to adopting a child of your own.

Drug and alcohol abuse can also prevent you from adopting a child as this could be a harmful living situation for a child that the state wants to avoid. If you have a history of unstableness or homelessness, you may also be prevented from adopting a child into your family.

The state that you are looking to adopt a child from will also check into your finances and make sure you have the means to care for a child until they are at least 18 years of age. Children come with a range of expenses, no matter if they are adoptive children or a birth child that is already in your family.

While you may be concerned that you will be unable to pass these requirements, it doesn’t necessarily bar you from adopting a child. If you can show that you have overcome these challenges in your life and are able to care for a child without any issue or disruption in their life, you may be approved for an adoption.

Knowing When The Time Is Right

After a lot of thought and plenty of discussion with your family, you may know deep in your heart that adopting a child is right for you. This is a joyous time for any family and can help a child find a family that loves and cares about them for the rest of their life.

Deciding that adoption is right for your family is a tough decision. When the time is right, you will know and can begin the process of finding a child to add to your home. This loving act will allow you to be the caring parents that a child has been searching for and give you so much more in return.

Having an adopted child as part of your family will allow you to give a home to a child while also providing a healthy living environment to a boy or girl in need. Take some time to think about the process of adoption. When you know it is right, you will experience true joy from finally having a child in your life.

About the author:

With a background in publishing, marketing, and online media, Andrea Cerny brings a robust set of skills to Angel Adoption Inc. She thrives on building relationships with like-minded individuals and working hard to ensure their online presence is the absolute best reflection of them.